I moved to New York in 2008 with the dream of becoming a filmmaker. During an intensive NYU class I wrote, directed and edited 6 short films using a 16mm Arriflex S camera. In 2010 I completed a six month art internship for the first season of “Louie” TV show on FX. Since then I worked on a lot of film sets including Ricardo Benet’s film -Nomads”, “Muck”, “Little Revolutions” and “Queen Anne’s Lace”. In 2017 I got the chance to be the art director for 4 commercials thanks to the fantastic team behind Illium Pictures.

On set I’m mainly art director/production designer and sometimes associate producer or set photographer. When choosing film projects I care a lot about the quality of the script and the people involved in making it happen.

Before coming to New York I worked full time as journalist/editor for various magazines&sites (TV Mania, Revista Cultura, Liternet, Cineuropa.org) in Romania. I wrote articles about film, music, theater, festivals and concerts. During those years I met directors such as Francis Ford Coppola, Nikita Mikhalkov, Cristian Mungiu among others.

I continued to write from time to time film reviews for Brio Pop and filmreporter.ro but my main focus has been working on set.

In my free time I enjoy inventing and cooking new dishes, spending endless hours gazing at the ocean and taking photos. I’ll often spend an entire day watching several films in a row at different art cinemas in New York and taking long walks. Envisioning new stories.