Top films of 2013

1. Before Midnight
before midnight 2

2. Nebraska
3. Short Term 12
4. Stories We Tell
5. Her
6. Mother of George
7. Frances Ha
8. To The Wonder
9. The Act of Killing
10. 12 Years of Slave
11. Inside Llewyn Davis
12. Spring Breakers
13. Beyond the Hills
14. American Hustle
15. Prisonners
16. Spectacular Now
17. No
18. Hannah Arendt
19. Dallas Buyers Club
20. Mud
21. In the House
22. Blue Jasmine

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Maxwell AndersonJanuary 11th, 2014 at 9:14 pm

I like your list! Big fan of Before Midnight, Act of Killing, Inside Llewyn Davis, and especially Spring Breakers. Glad to see Dallas Buyers Club get some love.

Can’t wait to see Her and Short Term 12!

To The Wonder – loved the Bardem stuff, but otherwise am surprised how high you rate it. In the House I thought was pretty terrible, and I usually really like Ozon.

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